Oil and Gas Projects

As you will notice on this presentation, the activities of our firm are directed in a very high percentage to the support in different areas to oil and gas private operators in Venezuela . The members of PDGR Abogados , have an extensive professional experience in the oil and natural gas sectors. As reference, we will mention that our attorneys have participated in the following professional activities:

  • We have been Corporate Legal Advisors for contracting, negotiating, purchasing and leasing of instruments and other equipment required for projects of oil and gas drilling.This includes Legal Supervision of territorial intervention and appropriation for the execution of Seismic Programs, laying of gas and oil pipelines for the Management of the Districts of Anaco, San Tome, Northern Monagas , and in different projects for the refineries of El Palito and Puerto La Cruz.
  • We participated in the negotiations for the purchase, construction and implementation of the necessary equipment and instruments for the projects which correspond to the “High Pressure Gas Injection Plant I and II” (PIGAP I and II, for its initials in Spanish), and the “Monagas High Pressure Water Injection Plant” (PIAMO, for its initials in Spanish) in northern Monagas.
  • We have rendered our legal advise to a Strategic Associations for the exploitation, industrialization and commercialization of Free Natural Gas located in off-shore beds.
  • We have participated in the analysis of business structure, juridical feasibility and wording of association contracts for the exploration at risk and exploitation under the scheme of shared profits for PDVSA.
  • We participated as well in the negotiation process for licenses for the New Eastern Refinery of PDVSA Project.
  • We provided legal advise to different companies for their business structure for different Operative Agreements under first, second and third round of operating agreements in Venezuela.
  • We analyzed the business structures and negotiated participation in various Association Contracts for the exploitation, exploration and improvement of Extra Heavy Oil in the Orinoco Oil Belt.
  • We provide legal assistance to companies exploiting gas under licenses granted by Venezuelan Government.
  • We participated in the negotiations and writing of contracts for the “LANA 36” Project. (Laying of Gas Pipes).
  • We also provided our legal advise in different areas in the Quiriquire-Jusepín Gas Pipeline Project, Monagas State (which corresponds to 52 Km of pipe).
  • As inhouse lawyers for PDVSA and its affiliates, many of our attorneys have experience regarding the decision making process in PDVSA and the operation in the oil and gas activities.
  • We have worked on legal aspects related to the Infrastructure of the Oil Industry, particularly those related to the regime of its Territorial Regulations and the Environment.
  • We have participated in the drawing up of projects of Oil, Mines and Electricity Laws, presented during the 1996-1998 period. We have undertaken studies related to legal aspects of the installation of pipelines for transporting oil and gas.
  • Likewise, we have undertaken legal studies on the Law of Gas Hydrocarbons, on matters related to tax obligations (Income Tax, Double Taxing, Value Added Tax, Municipal Taxes), easements, permits for the installation of distribution networks, right to free access, juridical nature of pipelines, among other aspects.